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Since 2010, Optanon has been helping organisations comply with EU regulations such as the Cookie Laws and address growing user awareness and concerns around data privacy.

Optanon is now OneTrust Cookie Compliance, featuring an updated interface and enhanced functionality. Our solution includes continuous website scanning and categorisation against Cookiepedia, our Knowledge base of over 5 million cookies, a flexible interface for managing consent, and a customizable user preference center.

Compliance with EU Cookie Laws

Evolving data privacy regulations create consistent challenges for website owners. EU cookie laws based on the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR, require organizations to inform website visitors about the data that’s being collected from them and to provide them with the choice over sharing their information.

OneTrust provides website owners with a transparent mechanism for obtaining required cookie consent from website visitors and respecting Do Not Track requests, helping organizations comply with EU Cookie Laws. Our comprehensive cookie compliance solution includes continuous website scanning against a 5.5M cookie database, flexible interface for managing visitor consent, and customizable visitor preferences center.

Why OneTrust?


Compliance with EU cookie laws: ePrivacy Directive and GDPR


Continuous website scanning against the largest cookie database


Easy-to-use and customizable website visitor consent tool.


Integrated with OneTrust privacy management platform

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